Monday, July 7, 2014

Exclusive first look at the latest figures from Murawski Miniatures

Just received some pictures of the latest batch of greens from Murawski Miniatures and they are fantastic! Here is an exclusive look at these little beautie.

First, a figure clients have been asking since the very first days of Murawski Miniatures (hint; a dashing cavalryman and Marshal of the Empire). Yes, you all guessed it right, Józef Antoni Poniatowski, Prince Poniatowski

Prince Poniatowski in all his glory

Then we have "Retreat From Moscow", the latest addition to the infantry range, Poles in winter gear, perfect for the Russian campaign and a nice complement to the recent Perry range. 

and then some extras; a Brigade command pack and an officer casualty figure : 

No pics yet, but also currently on Paul Hicks's workbench are the Horse artillery and guns!

Awesome, hey? I'm impressed with what Roger is doing with the range. Not just the quality of the figures, but the way he's been methodically building the range. Raise your hand if you ever thought you'd see that complete of a range of Poles. I've complained so many times about the numerous half-completed ranges in this industry, it's great to see Roger's commitment to finishing it. Rumours have it that the Swedes might soon receive the same attention...

And for those who haven't seen them yet, here are pictures of the recently released infantry in firing line, which I will add to the website in the coming days (the impatient ones can contact Roger and he will send them a listing right away). I especially like the officer firing the pistol, great sculpt.

And after a slight flag problem which I will explain in my next post, expect pics of another painted battalion of Poles in the next few days.


  1. This really is a superb line, and is tempting me to add to my GDW forces!

  2. Very nice figures indeed, look forward to seeing some more painted.