Sunday, June 8, 2014

1st battalion, 8th infantry regiment, Duchy of Warsaw

We go back to Napoleonics today, it had been a while. 

As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm working on a Polish force based on the battle of Raszyn using Murawski Miniatures. In hindsight, and if Roger had manufactured his Poles earlier, I think I would have started my Napoleonic collection based on this battle. You got the Poles and the Saxons on one side, both of which I really like, and of course my favourite Austrians on the other. The forces on both sides are very manageable to build, and it takes place in 1809. Everything I like, really! Damn hindsight... I do have a master plan for this project, and hopefully I'll talk more about it in a future post.

But I'm currently working on a Canaanite army, a Oldhammer army and a French Indian war project, and with my recent health problems, I decided I needed help. So I contacted my good friend and Polish enthusiast Roger Murrow, of Murawski Miniatures, to help me build my Polish force. I recently received the first two battalions I commissioned, so I've spent last week basing them. Here is the first unit I finished basing, the 1st battalion of the 8th regiment. The 8th Regiment was part of the 3rd Division, and as such had crimson facings and lapels, giving them a very smart look.

The drummers were painted with white coat based on an illustration of the battle of Raszyn 

As usual I think Roger did a splendid job on these, and as soon as I get back to work I intend to commission a few more battalions. 

This unit is made-up of the recently released Duchy of Warsaw infantry in firing line poses, and with a few injury figures sprinkled here and there it makes for a lively unit.

I'll post pics of the 2nd battalion in a week or two. Also on my workbench is a unit of Oldhammer Beastmen and a Chaos Spawn. And I should have pics of some new Murawski Miniatures this week (its a surprise).


  1. Great stuff Iannick! Looking forward to you next post. If I can ever stop pouring money into truck repairs, I can finally put in an order for some sweet Poles myself.

    1809 is in my Grand Plan(s), so in the end I'd like my Polish to be able to perform triple duty ('09,'12,'13) if possible. Really if it wasn't for the Prussians, 1809 is the perfect campaign for all my other favs (including Saxons and Bavarians). Definitely going to give Raszyn another serious look. Thanks!

  2. So many projects and so little time. The malady that afflicts us all!

    Your painted Poles look terrific and Murawaski figures look especially nice. I may have to consider them for my own Peninsular project.

    As for the 1809 campaign, that is one of favorites as well although my choice was to do it in 15mm. I have not fought Raszyn. I should consider that battle as well.

    Lots of fodder for consideration!

  3. Beautiful unit! It seems the musicians in the Polish army often wore white coats in full dress, including trumpeters.

    We did Raszyn in 2009; great battle fior the tabletop, with much potential for replay and "what if's".

  4. Great looking Polish troops, you've done a very nice work with their splendid uniforms!

  5. Thanks all for the comments!