Sunday, June 14, 2015

Revisiting my TYW collection II (The GenFZM Breuner regiment)

Some pics of another foot regiment painted a few years back for my Imperialist army : The GenFZM Breuner regiment.

The GenFZM Breuner regiment was one of three regiment raised by the Breuner family, and one of the oldest of Wallenstein's army, being raised in 1618. 

We actually know of at least one example of a flag at Lutzen that belonged to a Breuner regiment, problem being of course we don't know which one! As such, I went for conjuctural flags for this regiment, and figured I would give the other Breuner regiment the historical flag. I went with a orange and yellow theme, keeping with a concept of choosing warm colours for the Imperialists. Most of the flags for this project were custom made by Maverick Flags, based on Wilkes plates (i believe the majority of the TYW Imperial flags from Maverick range were commissioned by yours truly!). The flags are made of cloth, a material I quite enjoyed working with. It's a lot more durable than paper, is easier to "damage" and it takes longer to dry, allowing more time to shape it into how you want it to look.

The battle damaged flags; the joys of working with cloth
The figures are from Emil Horky excellent range of TYW (except for the officer base, made up of a Foundry officer and a Warlord musician). At the time I painted this unit, Emil had just a few poses available, but the range has grown since then with many more wonderful sculpts. They are some of the most accurate TYW figures available. 

The officer is one of my favourite TYW figure, so full of caracter
Another foot unit next week, or possibly a cavalry if you'll excuse me I have to go digest that Game of Thrones finale I just watched...

Oberst Hans Philipp v. Breuner


  1. Like these a lot, Iannick! Great work.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Well the sculptor is Mr. Hicks, but the range was commissionned by Emil.

  3. Beautiful unit Iannick. I love all those brave banners!

  4. Je crois que je peux écrire en Français...magnifique, une unité haute en couleur comme seule la renaissance peut nous en offrir, bravo, excellent très beau commandement, j'entends d'ici le fifre!