Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A new girl in my life

Say hello to Mimosa, aka Tiny, our new furry bundle of joy. She was my cousin's but he could not take care of her anymore  and so was looking for a new home for her. Being an older (9) cat I knew the chances of her finding a good home were slim to none so we took her in. 

 Our resident wise cat Leto, who turned 11 a few months back and spent his life as an only cat, has accepted her marvelously well and we are incredibly proud of him for that. We nicknamed her Tiny because she's quite small and she looks even tinier compared to our Lion sized Leto!

Having two cats sure brings a lot of action to a household! Fun times.

On the painting front very little to report, as I did little to no painting in July with the heatwave here in Montreal. I used my brushes for the first time in a month last week-end. Hopefully I'll have something to show in a couple of weeks.