Monday, June 24, 2013

More Canaanite Chariots

It has been a while since my last post. My goal was to feed this blog with at least a post every week or so, but last couple of weeks real life got in the way. Anyways, I did find some time to paint a little so...

Here are a few more chariots to add to my Canaanite army. I've been working on these and the Murawski Miniatures Line Infantry Poles the last couple of weeks.

I was able to use some of the lessons I learned while working on my first batch of Chariots, so I found these easier to paint and especially easier to assemble. Having said that, painting chariots is indeed a time consuming endeavor, although I think they are well worth the time spent as they look awesome in units. Still, I think working on chariots and something else at the same time is the way to go, for me at least, so that when I get tired of seeing those chariots half-finished I can do something else.

While my first chariot unit, meant to represent royal guards, was painted in a matching colour scheme of mostly purple, I wanted my other units to be colourful and varied. Historically, as each Maryannu would provide his own equipment and armement, it is to be expected that each chariots would be different. I think I could've been a bit more colourful on my first chariots, so that's something I took into consideration when painting these.

While the picture below shows the 3 chariot as a unit, actually the purple one will be part of my royal guard unit, and will fight alongside the 3 chariots I previously painted. I just think that painting 3 chariots at a time is more than enough for me! I was thinking of going 4 chariots to a unit, but in the end I might go with my 5 or even my original plan of 6. I recently created a 1600 pts mock army (the approx. size of John's upcoming Egyptian project) using War & Conquest army list and I ended up with 2 units of 5 chariots (including the army general). So at the very least I plan to paint 9 chariots plus one Canaanite prince riding in a chariot in order to play vs John's Egyptians. Looking at John's (usual) fast progress, I expect we should be able to play our first game this fall.

Chariots are Cutting Edge miniatures, crew are a mix of Foundry and Cutting Edge. 

This chariot will be part of my Royal Guards chariots unit

Next in line for my Canaanites: one unit of archers, and then probably some more chariots!