Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My new Oldhammer blog

I recently decided to split my worlds, so to speak, and to create a new blog to host my Oldhammer (and related fantasy) projects. 

I've been using this blog to post on my recent Chaos army but frankly it feels like almost two different hobbies with often different readership, and so it just makes more sense for me to separate my two passions in different blogs. Especially since I wanted to blog about the collecting aspect of Oldhammer, and also write lenghty posts about warhammer rules, army lists and such. Things that, frankly, would bore any historical only gamer ;-)

I will slowly move the Oldhammer posts and pictures from here to there, and really use this blog for only historical painting, AAR, etc.

So for the Oldhammer or fantasy lovers, the new place to be is 

Of Marauders and Citadels (just click on the image below). And please follow!

Of course nothing says you can't visit and follow both of my blogs, if you swing both ways ;-)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

La Bricole is back, come visit!

La Bricole, our little Horse & Musket (mostly) forum is back after suffering Forumer's great and deadly migration. 

We are but a few at the moment but more and more of the old regulars are coming back.

If you're an old member, or if you're looking for a fun and laid-back forum devoid of any drama (ahem), I encourage you to come visit and join!

However, and I cannot stress this enough : if you enjoy Wargaming forums with drama and talks of politics, religion and other controversial subjects, you will find this place incredibly boring! You've been warned!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Exclusive first look : Poniatowski and the Polish high command, from Murawski Miniatures

It's the summer of the Poles, apparently, and we have even more new stuff coming from Murawski Miniatures, and it's just not any stuff! Yes, the Prince Poniatowski himself is almost ready to ship and he is just stunning! And he comes with his own unique rearing horse.

 He’s actually been designed to be standing up in the saddle but also fits well on the standing horse and also works on the galloping horse if you prefer (not as dashing if you ask me, but to each their own) :

Roger has yet to confirm this to me, but I believe he will be sold with his AdC.

And that's not all folks! 
Also soon to be available is a pack of Duchy of Warsaw high command

All in all, the new sculpts consists of : 

Chef de Brigade
General / ADC
General with sword
General in Colpack
Cavalry general

Those figures are the last of the summer releases, but expect even more campaign dress in the fall. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Polish horse artillery now available from Murawski Miniatures

And the new stuff keeps on coming from Murawski Miniatures, this time in the form of Horse artillery in busby. Yes, we are keeping Paul Hicks busy!

The Horse Artillery are for the period 1812-14 and are available in either firing or loading poses. The loading comes with 2 figures with the "firing rod" for you to choose which one you use as the head gunner - just get the modelling knife out and cut it off.

And here are a few picture of the Retreat from Moscow skirmishing pack inked by Roger (we only had pictures of the greens before that).