Sunday, June 8, 2014

1st battalion, 8th infantry regiment, Duchy of Warsaw

We go back to Napoleonics today, it had been a while. 

As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm working on a Polish force based on the battle of Raszyn using Murawski Miniatures. In hindsight, and if Roger had manufactured his Poles earlier, I think I would have started my Napoleonic collection based on this battle. You got the Poles and the Saxons on one side, both of which I really like, and of course my favourite Austrians on the other. The forces on both sides are very manageable to build, and it takes place in 1809. Everything I like, really! Damn hindsight... I do have a master plan for this project, and hopefully I'll talk more about it in a future post.

But I'm currently working on a Canaanite army, a Oldhammer army and a French Indian war project, and with my recent health problems, I decided I needed help. So I contacted my good friend and Polish enthusiast Roger Murrow, of Murawski Miniatures, to help me build my Polish force. I recently received the first two battalions I commissioned, so I've spent last week basing them. Here is the first unit I finished basing, the 1st battalion of the 8th regiment. The 8th Regiment was part of the 3rd Division, and as such had crimson facings and lapels, giving them a very smart look.

The drummers were painted with white coat based on an illustration of the battle of Raszyn 

As usual I think Roger did a splendid job on these, and as soon as I get back to work I intend to commission a few more battalions. 

This unit is made-up of the recently released Duchy of Warsaw infantry in firing line poses, and with a few injury figures sprinkled here and there it makes for a lively unit.

I'll post pics of the 2nd battalion in a week or two. Also on my workbench is a unit of Oldhammer Beastmen and a Chaos Spawn. And I should have pics of some new Murawski Miniatures this week (its a surprise).