Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm not dead...just incapacitated at the moment

The astute and loyal readers among you might have noticed the absence of posts recently, as well as my disappearance from the Analogue challenge.

I've had to undergo knee surgery about a month ago, and due to some complications (long story) 2 more knee surgeries have been necessary! So yes, that's 3 surgeries on the same knee in the last month! It has not been easy. Consequently I've spent most of the last month either in an hospital or high on meds at home. Needless to say painting little men has not been on my priority list, to say the least!

Now hopefully the worst is behind me as I start intensive physiotherapy. I cannot put any weight on my leg for at least a month, and then have to relearn how to walk.

I actually completed 2 more units before surgery but now cant take pics with all thats been going on. The upstair room where I take picture and paint might as well be on the moon (walking stairs is not an option at the moment!) Not to mention its not easy painting with one leg in horizontal position at all time!

Anyways, I have no idea when I'll be able to paint again. I miss it, but my health is where my energy needs to go right now.

Unfortunately I cannot use the computer (upstairs) and I do not own a laptop, only a tablet, so posting is not that easy and is time consuming!

I might try to post other things than painted miniatures in the coming weeks, to fend off the boredom that is currently my life (as incredible as that might seem, afternoon TV is really boring. Yes, I am as shocked as you probably are!).

Anyways, just a post to let everyone know what is up!