Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Playoffs are coming!

A good opportunity to poke fun at our hated rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs, soon to be in vacations...once again!!

Couldn't resist 

Go Habs Go!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm not dead...just incapacitated at the moment

The astute and loyal readers among you might have noticed the absence of posts recently, as well as my disappearance from the Analogue challenge.

I've had to undergo knee surgery about a month ago, and due to some complications (long story) 2 more knee surgeries have been necessary! So yes, that's 3 surgeries on the same knee in the last month! It has not been easy. Consequently I've spent most of the last month either in an hospital or high on meds at home. Needless to say painting little men has not been on my priority list, to say the least!

Now hopefully the worst is behind me as I start intensive physiotherapy. I cannot put any weight on my leg for at least a month, and then have to relearn how to walk.

I actually completed 2 more units before surgery but now cant take pics with all thats been going on. The upstair room where I take picture and paint might as well be on the moon (walking stairs is not an option at the moment!) Not to mention its not easy painting with one leg in horizontal position at all time!

Anyways, I have no idea when I'll be able to paint again. I miss it, but my health is where my energy needs to go right now.

Unfortunately I cannot use the computer (upstairs) and I do not own a laptop, only a tablet, so posting is not that easy and is time consuming!

I might try to post other things than painted miniatures in the coming weeks, to fend off the boredom that is currently my life (as incredible as that might seem, afternoon TV is really boring. Yes, I am as shocked as you probably are!).

Anyways, just a post to let everyone know what is up!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sir Kermit de la Grenouille (Bonus round entry)

Last week-end was the latest Fortnight Thematic Bonus Round, this time the theme being Hero, As with the vilain, I had a lot of fun with it.

Hero. When I saw the word I immediately thought of heroes from fantasy worlds, and especially the fantasy of my youth, the Disneys and such. I just wanted to do something really different from what I usually do, something bright and shiny...and good.

Dark Sword Miniatures were just the right place for that (btw I highly recommend them, great figures and amazing service). When I saw the figure, a Frog Champion in shining armour, I knew I had found just the perfect piece. It was heroic enough without being too "goody two shoes". Standing tall at 37mm, this figure is clearly on the "heroic scale" side of the "28mm" world. It is a really cool and awesome sculpt and it was immensely fun to paint. I call him "Sir Kermit de la Grenouille". I could just see him in a Pixar movie! 

Obviously being meant as a display piece only I gave him a big 40mm round base and had fun putting a big mushroom on it, which I think works well with the figure and gives him a sense of scale. The mushroom was done with milliput, with some wire covered miliput for the stem.

I must say I haven't painted a figure for display only in ages, and its not a figure I would've painted otherwise, so I have to thank the challenge for that, which is pretty cool. 

If you like him, please take a few minutes to vote for him over at Analogue Hobbies. And if you don't like him, you can still vote for other awesome entries!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Brigade/Divisional commands from Murawski Miniatures

Hot of the presses, Murawski Miniatures just released two new sets of Brigade/Divisional commands. And they are pretty!

The first one is composed of an ADC on a rearing horse (yes, rearing horses are awesome) delivering a message to a cavalry general with an elite company Uhlan in support

And the second one is composed of an ADC on a horse pulling up with a infantry general and a staff officer

Both packs are priced £12 and are available right now from Murawski Miniatures

Monday, January 27, 2014

About that Chaos army...

While I've been having a blast recently painting for my Oldhammmer project, I haven't really discuss in details what I'm trying to achieve. When I decided to go back in time to my Warhammer days, the choice of a Chaos army was obvious for me. It was just the army I wanted as a child, and I spent more time reading and re-reading Realm of Chaos than anything else related to Warhammer. 

Nostalgia eye candy in all its glory

How to make a 12 year old boy dream big...
 I have two main goals for this project; first to build a gameable Chaos army of around 3000pts, and the second to paint and assemble enough troops variety so that I can play some Warbands using the Realm of Chaos rules. First thing, building a Chaos army.

However, the same questions which haunted me as a child quickly reared their ugly heads; what type of army? Which god(s) to represent? What colour scheme? and, a new question, an army for which edition?

Lets start with the beginning shall we? Which Chaos god? I like the 4 Chaos gods, always did, but I think that, like most Warhammer fans, I do have my favourites. In order of preference, I'd say my favourites are Slaanesh/Nurgle (ex-aequo), Tzeencht and Khorne. To be honest if I could I'd build an army of each! But that might be costly and somewhat time-consuming! So after some thought I came up with an idea; to first build a Chaos undivided army. Other than the fact that Chaos undivided has a charm of its own, it allows for more creativity and artistic license, I find. An army of Chaos is not limited by the traditionnal colours connected to the Chaos Gods. My cunning plan is to then paint small contingent of the 4 chaos gods which can just be added to my "basic" chaos army to create variety. 

I wanted to create a dark, old school looking Chaos army. I figured my warriors would be clad in blackened armour, and that I would mostly avoid garish colours. I needed a colour to bind everything together, and I settled on various bright greens. Bright green should work well with my future contingents of Nurgle and Slaanesh,

In my young days, I would actually create a 3000pts army on paper and then slowly build that precise force. Lets just say I've wisen up since then! I want to have a diverse force, bigger than 3000pts, so I can pick and choose before a game and keep things interesting. There is also the matter than I want to make my army playable not only for the 3rd edition,  but also in more recent editions, mainly the 6th (which me and my brother play sometimes). The more recent editions usually require bigger units, so I will need to take that into account, amongst other things.

So I came up with a very approximate plan of what I want to paint :

- 1 mounted Chaos Lord
- 2 Sorcerers, with chaos familiars (hey, you either do Old School right or you don't do it at all!)
- 6 Trolls
- 15 undivided Chaos Warriors including Champion
- 10 "chosen" Chaos Warriors (i.e. Warriors from a specific god, probably either Slaanesh or Nurgle)
- 20 Beastmen including Champion
- 8 Chaos Knights
- 20 Chaos Dwarfs

I would like to add to this lot a few miscellaneous monsters, depending on what I can find on Ebay and my personnal collection. I already painted a Jabberwock, and would probaly like to add a Hydra, Griffin, Manticore, etc. Chaos hounds and Beastmasters are also on the wish list. Whatever strikes my fancy really. Its one of the fun part of this project. 

Next time, well look into more details at the Chaos Gods, at the Chaos army lists at my disposal...and hopefully I get to show off my first unit of Chaos Warrior.

Monday, January 20, 2014


After painting a Jabberwock, I was in the mood to paint more monsters so I decided to paint 4 Chaos trolls for my Oldhammer Chaos army. I used the Stone Troll figures released in 1992 and sculpted by Michael Perry.

They were always my favourite GW trolls so I just had to include a few in my project. Ideally I'd like to add another 2 to make a unit of 6.

Traditionally, the stone trolls were painted in a electric blue and white colour scheme, but I went with a green colour scheme to match the rest of my army but also to give them a more Chaotic look. For the first time in ages, I used a wash and a glaze on these, and I'm quite pleased with the results. I find inks and glazes work especially well on brightly coloured fantasy figures.

I also added a tail and some bone spikes as chaos attributes but mostly I avoided conversions as I just like those figures as they are. 

These gruesome but stupid creatures will give me 52 pts for the challenge. 

On a side note, I unfortunately missed the last bonus theme, "vehicles", and not for lack of trying. My initial plan was to paint a Canaanite Prince on a Chariot, but unfortunately Cutting Edge Miniatures is in a restructuring process and I couldn't buy one. But then I remembered I had an old chaos chariot so I figured it was all good. It was not; when I started painting the chariot I realized I was missing a crucial piece, and by now the dealine was too short for me to order something else. Lesson learned for next time!

Not wanting to have the same problem, I have almost finished my hero for the next round (he's awesome, but I'm not saying anymore) and will do my best to work in advance on every theme entry. 

Oh, and do have a look (and please vote!) at the vehicle entries; just great stuff all around!

Top 3!

I am quite pleased that my Jabberwock snatched the 3rd place in the Villains bonus round, out of around 50 entries. I believe this is my highest result in any painting challenge, and I'm especially proud of the fact I was up against fabulous competition. I did not expect to finish in the top 3, although I I was especially happy with my painting on the Jabberwock. 

Such a nice sculpt too, Tom Meier did a great job.

As for me, I had a soft spot for Nick's hilarious Goblin Pirates (love the blue and white trousers)

and of course the amazing Sidney's Mata Hari vignettes

And congrats to all participants!