Sunday, July 27, 2014

2nd battalion, 8th infantry regiment, Duchy of Warsaw

Here is the second battalion painted by Roger for my collection, meant to represent the 2nd battalion of the 8th infantry regiment of the Duchy of Warsaw. 

For those you missed it, pics of the first battalion can be found here . This one is in the traditional march attack, and again Rog has done a beautiful job. I finished basing it a while ago, but in a moment of stupidity/absentmindedness I glued the damn flag upside down! So I had to reorder a flag from GMB and carefully remove the upside down flag to put the new one. Doh! 

I intend to start painting another battalion soon, the 2nd battalion of the 1st regiment (I already painted the 1st battalion) so to have 4 battalion. Add a artillery battery in there and I should have a small Polish brigade for my next game, once all those knee problems are behind me.

and a pic of the whole 8th regiment

Monday, July 21, 2014

First ever sale from Murawski Miniatures

Roger celebrates his 50th birthday in style with his first ever sale. 

Prices have been discounted by up to 25% where possible, in order to help the old man thank the supporters of the range and mark his half century. Roger hopes this will drive sales and allow him to fund the next string of releases, i.e. the Polish hussars, chasseurs and cuirassiers. So if you have any interest in seeing these made and you've been itching to start a Polish force, now is the perfect time to take advantage of some really good prices. 

For a detailed price list, showing all the discounts available, check the ordering page of the website 

There are a host of releases in July and August, so please keep an eye out on TMP and on this blog for more.

The first of the releases is the now-completed firing line.

Firing Line Fusiliers 
It is comprised of 18 unique figures, and is designed to represent a Grand Duchy of Warsaw battalion 1809-13 giving fire. Each pack contains:
Command – six figures – £8.00 GBP, reduced from £9.25 GBP
Fusiliers – six figures – £7.00 GBP, reduced from £9.00 GBP
Grenadiers – three figures – £3.50 GBP, reduced from £5.00 GBP
Voltigeurs – three figures (these can also be used as extra skirmishers) – £3.50 GBP, reduced from £5.00 GBP

Monday, July 7, 2014

Exclusive first look at the latest figures from Murawski Miniatures

Just received some pictures of the latest batch of greens from Murawski Miniatures and they are fantastic! Here is an exclusive look at these little beautie.

First, a figure clients have been asking since the very first days of Murawski Miniatures (hint; a dashing cavalryman and Marshal of the Empire). Yes, you all guessed it right, Józef Antoni Poniatowski, Prince Poniatowski

Prince Poniatowski in all his glory

Then we have "Retreat From Moscow", the latest addition to the infantry range, Poles in winter gear, perfect for the Russian campaign and a nice complement to the recent Perry range. 

and then some extras; a Brigade command pack and an officer casualty figure : 

No pics yet, but also currently on Paul Hicks's workbench are the Horse artillery and guns!

Awesome, hey? I'm impressed with what Roger is doing with the range. Not just the quality of the figures, but the way he's been methodically building the range. Raise your hand if you ever thought you'd see that complete of a range of Poles. I've complained so many times about the numerous half-completed ranges in this industry, it's great to see Roger's commitment to finishing it. Rumours have it that the Swedes might soon receive the same attention...

And for those who haven't seen them yet, here are pictures of the recently released infantry in firing line, which I will add to the website in the coming days (the impatient ones can contact Roger and he will send them a listing right away). I especially like the officer firing the pistol, great sculpt.

And after a slight flag problem which I will explain in my next post, expect pics of another painted battalion of Poles in the next few days.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sunday, June 8, 2014

1st battalion, 8th infantry regiment, Duchy of Warsaw

We go back to Napoleonics today, it had been a while. 

As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm working on a Polish force based on the battle of Raszyn using Murawski Miniatures. In hindsight, and if Roger had manufactured his Poles earlier, I think I would have started my Napoleonic collection based on this battle. You got the Poles and the Saxons on one side, both of which I really like, and of course my favourite Austrians on the other. The forces on both sides are very manageable to build, and it takes place in 1809. Everything I like, really! Damn hindsight... I do have a master plan for this project, and hopefully I'll talk more about it in a future post.

But I'm currently working on a Canaanite army, a Oldhammer army and a French Indian war project, and with my recent health problems, I decided I needed help. So I contacted my good friend and Polish enthusiast Roger Murrow, of Murawski Miniatures, to help me build my Polish force. I recently received the first two battalions I commissioned, so I've spent last week basing them. Here is the first unit I finished basing, the 1st battalion of the 8th regiment. The 8th Regiment was part of the 3rd Division, and as such had crimson facings and lapels, giving them a very smart look.

The drummers were painted with white coat based on an illustration of the battle of Raszyn 

As usual I think Roger did a splendid job on these, and as soon as I get back to work I intend to commission a few more battalions. 

This unit is made-up of the recently released Duchy of Warsaw infantry in firing line poses, and with a few injury figures sprinkled here and there it makes for a lively unit.

I'll post pics of the 2nd battalion in a week or two. Also on my workbench is a unit of Oldhammer Beastmen and a Chaos Spawn. And I should have pics of some new Murawski Miniatures this week (its a surprise).

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oldhammer Chaos Warriors

Can't really do a proper Chaos army without Chaos Warriors, now can we? The Chaos Warriors of the 3rd edition really represented what Chaos Warriors are supposed to be; diverse, mutated and wearing twisted full plate armour. Key word here being diverse. I can't help but laugh at the new all-identical Chaos Warriors of GW. Hmm...exactly what makes them Chaotic, then? Anyways I digress...I have no idea how many individual Chaos Warriors were produced from the mid 80s to the early 90s, but there is a lot of choice available! 

One of many pages of Chaos Warriors made in the 80s

I painted my first unit as Undivided Chaos Warriors, mixing in the same unit warriors and champion models, to really create a unique and fearsome looking bunch. There's also one or two Marauder models in there. Most of these were from my old collection, and quite a few had a good Simple Green bath before I could start working on them. Makes me proud to see them finally having a proper paint job after all those years wasting away in a box. These were painted a few months ago for the Analogue painting competition but I only just recently managed to take decent pictures.

I kept to the green and black colour scheme of my Chaos army, although going for a slightly less vivid green than the Chaos Dwarfs. At 15 Warriors, its definitely a very big (and expensive!) unit for Warhammer 3rd edition, but the bigger size will work well if I want to play other recent editions or other fantasy rule sets. And, well, looks pretty good!

The blackened armour was created using chainmail drybrush on black, followed by a wash of badab black. The brass parts on the armour were done by successive sepia and black washes over a chainmail base. Most details were picked up using my standard 3 layer technique, often followed by a wash or two to bring out the details.

As for the rest of my army, I will add a banner later after making some tests.

Painting this unit allowed me to paint one of my all-time favourite old school sculpts, the Chaos Champion in bone armour. Man he looks the part! The imagination these guys had in the 80s, amazing. The other three are pretty cool, too!

A quick note on my health; I'm still stuck on crutches, and I have to wait for my fracture to heal so still not allowed to put any weight on my leg. I hope to get good news in a few weeks but there's not much I can do but wait.

Next up for my Oldhammer project should be Beastmen. The first 10 are finished, and I hope to work on the other 10 in the coming weeks.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Go Habs go!

For the Hockey fans, here is the incredible Montreal Canadiens pre-game intro for the 2014 playoffs.

Definitely one of the best I've ever seen. Your move, rest of the sports world.

and the (as usual) awesome pre-game montage by the CBC.

Playoff Hockey man. Its amazing.