Friday, November 14, 2014

Napoleon Minion Imperial Guards

What happens when you mix some of my favourite cartoon characters with my favourite historical era?

The secret force behind Napoleon's rise to power (and probably responsible for his fall).

Monday, October 6, 2014

2nd battalion, 1st infantry regiment, Duchy of Warsaw

I recently finished the 2nd battalion of the 1st infantry regiment of the Duchy of Warsaw. You might remember a while ago I painted the 1st battalion. 

For this unit, I decided to use the recently released "Duchy of Warsaw Retreat from Moscow/Campaign gear" from Muraswki Miniatures, which I really like, combined with a mix of campaign and full dress figures, to create a diverse and rag tag bunch. I also used some figures from the new firing line command. As with the rest of my Polish force, they are meant for the 1809 era, specifically for the battle of Raszyn. 

I'm quite pleased with my work on this battalion, I think it is one of my better painted Napoleonic battalion. I'm getting used to Paul Hicks sculpting, which helps. It's weird to say, but before painting Murawski figures my Napoleonic collection was basically all sculpted by the Perrys! I also used this regiment to try different greys and white/beige recipes, as I'm currently looking for a new way to paint white uniforms. I might go with the method I used for the trousers of that grenadier on the far left.

So I now have 2 regiments completed, the 2 battalions of the 1st and 2 battalions of the 8th. Not bad. I intend to work on an artillery battery next and a command stand, and I should have enough to field a brigade for our games. When that is done I'll post a pic of the complete brigade.

Here is my now customary picture of the complete regiment. I love the 1st regiment in 1809, with the yellow facings and the big white flags.

Up next on the historical painting table, either some Canaanites or more Poles. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to ancient times...(Canaanite archers)

Today au menu a unit of Canaanites. No I did not forget about my biblical project! I've been waiting patiently for Warlord games to re-release Cutting Edge Maryannu Chariots, which I expect will now be very soon. I need those to finish my second Chariot unit and my Canaanite Prince. In the meantime I worked on my Napoleonics and Oldhammer project, but recently I had to itch to work on some biblicals, so since I have a few infantry units left to paint I figured I'd paint those. My original plan was as follow :

- 2x6 chariots
- 2x24 spearmen (close order)
- 1x20 archers (open order)
- 3x12 skirmishers (slingers or javelinmen)
- 1x Canaanite prince on chariot

However after discussing it with John, and after reading a few rulesets we decided to build forces for War & Conquest first,  of approx. 1650 pts.
So the new plan, very similar, became :

- 1x5 Maryannu Chariots
- 1x4 Maryannu Chariots + Canaanite Prince
- 1x24 Royal Guards
- 2x24 Spearmen 
- 1x12 javelinmen
- 1x12 Shasu Bedouins
- 1x12 Slingers
- 1x16 Archers

It's a bit Chariot light, I think, but Chariots are expensive and long to paint, so hopefully I'll add more as time goes by. So I decided to do the archers next. Royal Guards I will keep for the end I think, as I usually do for my elites. I used the same painting technique as for my other Canaanites, 3 layers with an AP finish, and the same limited colour palette of pale blues, red and raw linen.

Canaanite archers were semi-trained militia or conscripted peasantry. Canaanite tradition dating from tribal days dictated that the infantrymen supplied their own equipment, but it is unclear whether this still applied into biblical times. It seems a distinction was made between militia armed with spears or bows. Canaanite infantry was mainly used as support to the main shock troops, the chariots. 

My original basing scheme was to put 4 or 5 figures per base for open order, but after doing some tests 5 per base is really too much for 50mm square bases and it looks crowded like a close order unit. So I went with 4 per bases, which looks quite good and different enough to both the skirmish bases (3 per base) and the close order (6 per base) to be easily recognizable on the battlefield. 

I might have got an old batch as these were not as clean a casting as what I usually get from Foundry, although not in the Perry level of bad casting. Still I really like Foundry biblical range, and these were no exception. Great movement, and a joy to paint. 

So now all that's left to do is 3 chariots, including my Canaanite Prince, one unit of Royal Guards and a small unit of javelinmen. Not bad at all.  

The striketrough are completed units.

- 1x5 Maryannu Chariots (2 completed)
- 1x4 Maryannu Chariots + Canaanite Prince
- 1x24 Royal Guards
- 2x24 Spearmen 
- 1x12 javelinmen
- 1x12 Shasu Bedouins
- 1x12 Slingers
- 1x16 Archer 

Currently on my workbench on the historical side : the 2nd battalion of the 1st infantry regiment of the Duchy of Warsaw, obviously Murawski Miniatures.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My new Oldhammer blog

I recently decided to split my worlds, so to speak, and to create a new blog to host my Oldhammer (and related fantasy) projects. 

I've been using this blog to post on my recent Chaos army but frankly it feels like almost two different hobbies with often different readership, and so it just makes more sense for me to separate my two passions in different blogs. Especially since I wanted to blog about the collecting aspect of Oldhammer, and also write lenghty posts about warhammer rules, army lists and such. Things that, frankly, would bore any historical only gamer ;-)

I will slowly move the Oldhammer posts and pictures from here to there, and really use this blog for only historical painting, AAR, etc.

So for the Oldhammer or fantasy lovers, the new place to be is 

Of Marauders and Citadels (just click on the image below). And please follow!

Of course nothing says you can't visit and follow both of my blogs, if you swing both ways ;-)