Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sir Kermit de la Grenouille (Bonus round entry)

Last week-end was the latest Fortnight Thematic Bonus Round, this time the theme being Hero, As with the vilain, I had a lot of fun with it.

Hero. When I saw the word I immediately thought of heroes from fantasy worlds, and especially the fantasy of my youth, the Disneys and such. I just wanted to do something really different from what I usually do, something bright and shiny...and good.

Dark Sword Miniatures were just the right place for that (btw I highly recommend them, great figures and amazing service). When I saw the figure, a Frog Champion in shining armour, I knew I had found just the perfect piece. It was heroic enough without being too "goody two shoes". Standing tall at 37mm, this figure is clearly on the "heroic scale" side of the "28mm" world. It is a really cool and awesome sculpt and it was immensely fun to paint. I call him "Sir Kermit de la Grenouille". I could just see him in a Pixar movie! 

Obviously being meant as a display piece only I gave him a big 40mm round base and had fun putting a big mushroom on it, which I think works well with the figure and gives him a sense of scale. The mushroom was done with milliput, with some wire covered miliput for the stem.

I must say I haven't painted a figure for display only in ages, and its not a figure I would've painted otherwise, so I have to thank the challenge for that, which is pretty cool. 

If you like him, please take a few minutes to vote for him over at Analogue Hobbies. And if you don't like him, you can still vote for other awesome entries!