Sunday, January 25, 2015

Victorian bonus theme round, "Monsieur la Mort"

I almost didn't participate in the Victorian theme round. Yeah not my cup of tea. But then I realized one of the figure I intended to give for Xmas to a friend fitted the bill perfectly (you may remember I decided to paint a unique figure as a show of gratitude to my best friends who supported me, visited me and cheered me up through last year's hard times)! How lucky is that?! So I present to you "Monsieur la Mort", Death, if you prefer. For you see, in the Victorian era even Death would dress with flair! 

The figure is from Freebooters Miniatures, one of those unique sculpt full of personality. It is meant as a gift to Emmanuelle, one of my best friend who happens to be a big fan of horror movies and zombies/undead, as well as a hopeless romantic (notice the rose our Monsieur la Mort is offering).

So there it is, la Mort, "a la Victorienne!" 

I'm quite happy it managed to crack the top 5 of the Challenge Victorian round (yeah).