Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Murawski Miniatures

While some of you probably already know Murawski Miniatures, the miniature company recently started by my good mate Roger Murrow, of RTB at large fame, I'm sure many don't. The project was originally a private endeavor although Roger was quite willing to sell the figures to those who contacted him. Being of Polish descent, Roger was always fascinated by the Duchy of Warsaw and is working to create a complete range of Poles for the 1807-1813 period using the talents of Mr Paul Hicks.

I was lucky enough to discuss the project with Roger often in the last two years and to see it evolve from concept art to greens and finally the finished metal figures. The reception was so positive that Roger eventually decided to start a company and build a website to sell his range and hopefully to expand it in the future to include other smaller and often ignored states.

In the last year or so Roger sent me a couple of samples and I was very impressed with the sculpt and casting, but unfortunately I was busy with various other projects so I really didn't have the time to paint any of them. A few weeks back I had a good discussion with Roger about where his range was going, future releases, etc. and got quite excited by his ideas. Roger often mentioned to me his lack of enthusiasm and skills on IT related stuff like blogging, forum presences, photo editing, etc. which make up quite a fair bit of a miniatures business advertising nowadays. Which is something I'm not bad at, so it seemed obvious...

I'm very happy to announce a collaboration between myself and Roger. I will take over most of the digital side of Murawski Miniatures so that Rog can concentrate on the rest of the business.
So expect news, updates, early reviews and everything else involving Murawski Miniatures en primeur on this blog, amongst other things. Roger is certainly not in this for the profits, but rather out of enthusiasm for the period, so really all the help I can give him can only benefit me and other Napoleonic 28mm enthusiasts.

This is also the perfect opportunity for me to start a new Napoleonic army, something I've been itching to do for a while now. Yes, a Duchy of Warsaw force! Obviously set in 1809. I'll talk more about this in future posts.

So yesterday a package was waiting for me in my mailbox; the complete range of Murawski Miniatures. Oh goodie! That meant line infantry in both full and campaign dress, Uhlans, skirmishers, mounted officers, generals, AdC's and artillery. A mini-Xmas!

I intend to review the complete range of figures over the coming weeks and months, as I paint them. 

And if you're a fan of the era or just like nice miniatures, go have a look at the new website

Golden age of miniatures, hey?


  1. Well done that man!

    Good luck with your partnership. Long may it prosper!

  2. This is great news! I've been wanting to get a set of these and now I know where I can source them. Best wishes to all those involved in this endeavour!

    1. Thanks Curt. They are really nice. Contact me in advance next time you come to MTL and I'll have them waiting for you, if you wish.

  3. Will follow this with great interest, One of my Favorite periods and Armies all in one!!

    1. Great! We need customers with such discriminating tastes ;-)

  4. Nice One Iannick. Considering the work you put in your own website for years, I am really confident you will do justice to this magnificent range of figures. And I look forward to see what wonderfully new batallions you will achieve with such quality material.
    A very good news indeed.