Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blood in the forest, a FIW AAR

A little over a week ago I had a great wargaming week-end. It started off with a gentlemen's dinner at Moishes (one of the best steakhouse in Montreal) with John, Nicolas and Kawe (from Westfalia Miniatures). Kawe is back in Montreal, where we met a few years ago, for a little while on business. It was a very nice evening, the wine was fabulous, the coleslaw famous as usual and the steak perfectly cooked. Kawe was nice enough to bring along some examples of his Westfalia Miniatures, including some artillery equipment and a battalion of his new Saxons. Great figures. John got the Saxons as I'm already drowning in Poles! We of course talked wargaming and we plan on having a game in late June.

Then the next day we got to play a FIW game with John, Nico and newcomer Rusti, from Crossover Miniatures, who made the trip from Vermont. Blogs and Forums really are a fantastic resource for meeting new gamers and fellow enthusiasts!

It was a baptism of fire for Rusti's FIW figures, all Galloping Major's and nicely painted. Surprisingly, while they are notoriously bigger than Conquest, it is really not that apparent on the table. We had a fun game, Nico and I taking charge of the British against the French & Indians of John and Rusti. The game was played using This Very Ground and was meant to represent a standard skirmish of the time.

 It started really well for me and Nico, as we assumed a defensive position and repulsed the first few Indian attacks with ease, but it all crumbled towards the end as a desperate charge by the Indians combined with some awful melee dices from poor Nico meant doom for a complete British Regulars company. In the end of the game we basically had the same amount of casualties on each side and we called it a draw, although I think a few more turns would not have been good for the Brits!

A few pictures of the game. Not many. As usual I find it difficult to host, play and take pictures during a game. Another advantage of having a GM...

The original set-up
1st turn
Dastardly Indians advancing through the woods
Provincials advance to stop the Indians from flanking the regulars
The British put their defensive position into place; it almost worked perfectly!
A mix of my Conquest and Rusti's Galloping Major Indians 


  1. great looking game, you are right about blogs making our hobby world a smaller place.
    Peace James

  2. Great photos, it was a wonderful weekend.


    1. Thanks John, they came out better than I thought.

  3. Très belles photos, le décor est vraiment superbe!