Thursday, January 26, 2017

1st Duchy of Warsaw skirmishers

Au menu today we have five Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw skimishers, from Murawski Miniatures. The figures are from the Voltigeurs in Full dress, campaign dress set as well as the new "extra" scruffy Campaign dress figures. And boy are they scruffy! Roger has a real problem and just keeps producing more and more Poles! The sheer variety is one of my favourite thing about the range, and oh if all Napoleonic armies could get this level of completeness and love (other than the French and British, the boring and annoying favourites, of course).

The figures are fusiliers and voltigeurs skirmishers from the Duchy of Warsaw 1st infantry regiment, presumably in the middle of an exhausting campaign! I'll probably end up using them for skirmishes set in the 1809 campaign between the Poles and the Austrians (and maybe Brunswickers 'cause they look cool).

They are meant for a small Napoleonic skirmish project I'm just starting, the goal to play really small scale skirmishes and maybe eventually bigger ones like Sharpe's Practice. But mostly, it's an excuse to give extra love to my favourite Napoleonic ranges: it seems I always paint Naps in batches of 16 or 24, and I wanted to work on small batches and individuals for a change. I must say it was a very different experience from batch painting Napoleonic battalions!

The Murawski figures are as usual lovely (I'm biased), and I'm always surprised I don't see more Duchy of Warsaw in blogs and on the battlefield, as it is really a lovely army with their distinctive Czapka and colourful facings.

So, for this entry that's 5 28mm figures, 25 pts.


  1. Brilliant paintjob! We always seem to end up on opposing sides don't we? You the Froggies and their Allies, me the Brits ;-)

  2. They look great! I enjoyed the Murawski Uhlans I painted a year ago, and when (cough, cough) they do the Baden Light Dragoons and foot artillery, I will have to add a Murawski Polish Horse Artillery battery as well!

  3. Very nicely done. Makes me miss 28mm Napoleonics!

  4. Look great, Iannick!

    I've been thinking of doing some small Napoleonic skirmishes myself, using the "Songs of Drums And Shakos" rules, just as a break from larger actions.

    1. Hey Robert! Long time no talk! My goal is also to use Songs of drums & shakos. I play the fantasy version and i like the system a lot.