Sunday, October 30, 2016

A few Indian chiefs

A small return to the French Indian War this week. I always enjoy this era for skirmishes and we had two fun games this summer with John  and Rusti (from Crossover Miniatures)

I painted a few Indian Chiefs for the Sharpe's practice game. I had all the Indians needed but no "Big Men" so I went to work on 3 Conquest Miniatures figures. I especially like the "Last of the Mohican" Magua figure (middle figure), although I did not paint it as Magua but rather as a generic Indian Chief. Before anyone comment, no, the war paints are not historical per se, I just went with what I though would look good on the battlefield and what would be easily identifiable as big men. 

I quite like my blue war paint, even though it's not very historical!
I juggled with the idea of using differently sized based to identify the Big Men, but in the end figured it might be a problem in other rulesets, so went with my traditional 25mm slim round bases from Litko, which I use for all my skirmish historicals.  

These pics were taken just last week with my new Foldio lightbox, so its still very much a work in progress. I need more light and probably another background. I'll discuss this further in a future post.

Anyways, hope you like them! 


  1. Very nice, good to see you back in the saddle. I particularly like the blanket on the right chief. Yellow is hard to paint on a dark background.

    I bought I light box a couple of years ago, could never get good snaps, this looks pretty good. I will be happy to hear more.

    1. Thanks John. Still working on that lightbox, but I think I will manage to get something good. It's also small and compact, so easy to keep next to the computer. I'll show some pics next post.

  2. Most impressive job, well the blue as well!

  3. They look super. As you note, the blue warpaint would be very improbable, but it is painted gorgeously. Makes me think of Wildings from A Game of Thrones. :-)

  4. Thanks Peter! If I ever build a barbarian fantasy army I'll know what blue to use! ;-)