Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, Part VI

A few weeks back Curt sent me the now customary email "Hey, want to join the next Challenge?". Now, that's a ridiculous idea to even contemplate. Half my stuff is in boxes, including some paints and a lot of miniatures, I spend my evening dealing with notary and bank stuff, my week-ends will be spent working on my new house. I have absolutely no time to give to that crazy Challenge.

So I said yes.

When Curt sends me an invitation to the challenge...
I just can't...say no. The Challenge has become such a winter tradition, it would be like skipping on Christmas or something. I even went for the 500 pts target. Honestly, there's no way I'm reaching that, and there's a good chance I'll not even get close to that, but damn it, I'll give it my best shot! After all, this year's Challenge is about risk takers, right?

And this year, I'm going rogue! No planning, no list of what I want to do, no specific projet to start or finish. I'll just pick stuff that is available (i.e. not in boxes) and stuff I can paint with the material available to me (i.e. not in boxes). So expect the unexpected! Expect a weird bunch of unrelated stuff. I embrace...Chaos!!

Just paint baby! 

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