Monday, April 6, 2015

New command figures from Murawski

Retreat from Moscow Command

Some new figures this month from Murawski Miniatures; a command pack.

There are 6 figures in the set, 3 of which are cast open handed, allowing them to be equipped with a musket, halberd, or eagle.  
There are also 2 drummers: 

Roger is also going to throw in the middle figure (pic above) for “free” whilst stocks last as the sword didn’t come out properly!  We don’t really know why but you can use him as is or trim the sword off.

Pack price will be: £9.50 for the seven figures

Also the officer casualty figure is now available.

He can be acquired 3 ways :

  • £2 plus shipping
  • FOC with orders over £50
  • As part of the GDW casualty pack for £5
As usual, you can order through Murawski Miniatures website 

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