Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Badeners are coming...(shiny new range from Murawski Miniatures)

I've hinted here and there recently that a new range was coming to Murawski Miniatures. Well you get to see the first pics!

The last few months Roger and I have been working on a Baden range for 1809. I will admit I did my best to convince Roger to go with Baden. I just love that little army and NO ONE does a proper modern range. So you better buy some or Rog will never trust me again!

The range is sculpted by Christian Ame, and I think he did a fantastic job. Christian had little knowledge of the period, which makes it all the more impressive. For those wondering, Paul Hicks was too swamped with previous commitments to work on this range. Rog worked very hard with Christian to ensure the sculpts were compatible with the previous Poles (see last pic below). 

I'm very excited about these as Roger involved me in the whole creative process. I hope you like them too!

Here's some pictures of the first few greens :

The current range

The line



Standard bearers
Comparison next to the Poles
We are still a few months away from a release, but I figured I might as well tease you guys a little...comments would be most appreciated!


  1. Inserted into my must paint a unit list

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, will forward the comment to Christian

  3. I can commit right now to two battalions, looking great! Will need a few more Poles this year too. Keep this up, JJ

  4. They look great. I see my Badener forces expanding. Especially looking forward to the eventual Cavalry and Artillery!

    The bell;s are ringing in Karlsruhe!

    1. Hahaha thanks Peter! You're the type of guy who needs the whole Baden army, I'm counting on you ;-)

  5. Great looking figures! I think I need a battalion or two for my Peninsular War project.

  6. They look good, although they do lack the characterful faces of the Paul Hicks sculpts.

    I thought Roger was going to do some Swedes, or am I thinking of someone else?

  7. Bah, wait until you see those faces painted. I'll change your mind ;-)

    It was Roger. He thought long and hard about it, but it was too much of a headache I think; little information available in English, and interest wasn't there.

    1. Ah that's too bad. I get the lack of interest though. My Mom is in love with all things Swedish, so I was going to paint some up so she could sit on edge of the battlefield and watch everyone else fight. ;-)

    2. hahaha perfect use of the Swedes!