Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The battle of Kesselstadt

Some pictures of our latest Napoleonic battle,  the battle of Kesselstadt. It was a fictitious engagement set in 1813 between Austro-Bavarian and French forces. We used Lasalle, a game we were strongly considering as our new rule of choice, and I must say the game proved us right! I was the GM, Rusti & John played the Allies and Nicolas the French. It was a simple pitch battle, but with a twist. The French had a brigade of two cavalry regiments hidden in the woods, and could unveil them anytime he wanted. As a GM I left those units upstairs, in their cabinet, so to not hint their presence in any ways to the Allies! Although in the end the Austro-Bavarians won a very close battle, the look on their two general's face when the Ellbrach brigade came out of the wood was priceless!

Enough of me talking, enjoy the pics. For once there's loads of them.

The Austro-Bavarian force is deployed along the Kinzig river

Some Bavarian soldiers getting, ahem, ready for battle

The Grenadiers reserve are already on the move

The Austrians answer back

Bavarians, looking smart as usual
John and Rusti, the Allies general

The woods in the forefront, where lies two hidden regiments of cavalry...

The French are moving in for the attack

On the other flank, a furious firefight

Surprise! Dragoons and Hussars join the fight from the woods

The firefight continues, both players being cautious on that front

You had to see this coming...right? Those poor bastards from the Archduke Rudolph regiment

However the murderous cannons of the nearby Austrian battery causes much damage to the French

                               The charge of the reserves! The Hungarian Grenadiers, supported by their "German" counterparts win the day with a successful charge.

The Allies succeed in protecting their left flank from the French cavalry (and killing the Hussars in the process) With many losses and the Allies still in control, the French have to retreat. It was a bloody and very close affair.

All in all, a fun and fast moving battle which I quite enjoyed. We are playing another one in October, this time planned by John. Using Lasalle again.

As for me, next post we talk nostalgia...


  1. Ouch! That cavalry charge had to hurt! But by the sounds of it the Germans got their revenge.

    A great looking game, thanks Iannick. I look forward to John's game.

  2. Nice batrep, beautiful pictures and a great battlefield!

  3. NIce AAR with some very good pictures Thank you for posting these

  4. I really like those batreps.

    Well done Iannick

  5. Very nice Iannick, it was a great game. I am amazed at how good the photos are in such low light.


  6. Very nice picture Indeed, where one can clearly see that my attempt at blowing the allies left flank ended up somewhat a failure.

    Look forward for our next game.

    Cheers Nico.

  7. Great pictures. That was a nice looking game.

  8. Sounds like it was a great game! The table and miniatures look gorgeous - well done!

  9. A great report Iannick, I would love to have seen the faces when the cavalry came out of the woods!

    1. Thanks Ray! I should've took a picture! But getting my camera ready and looking at them might've ruined the surprise! ;-)

  10. Thank you all! It was a great game.

  11. Very Nice Battle report. As you said earlier you should have taken a picture of your opponents' faces when the cavalry went out from the woods. I'm sure you had a good laugh :-)

  12. Very good BatRep. Nice big table with good looking troops.