Tuesday, April 9, 2013 stuff (Loki's Great Hall 2nd Anniversary Give Away)

In a clever and Machiavellian attempt to increase traffic to his blog and to celebrate the blog's second anniversary, Mr Sanders over at Loki's Great Hall has started a giveaway which includes all kinds of cool prizes for the winners. Our task is to link to his blog and then comment the shit out of it. So please, have a thought for a poor Canadian in need of more figures and click on the link above, you'll feel better for it. I'm on a roll right now, having almost won something yesterday, so now is not the time to let me down!

As a bonus, it's a great blog with fantastic painting and I believe you will enjoy the visit very much. Unless you don't like looking at well painted figures...but then why the hell are you reading my blog you freak?! 

Below is an example of the fantastic painting you will find. This entry was one of my favourite of the Analogue challenge.

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