Monday, March 25, 2013

3rd Annual Analogue Painting Challenge wrap up

A few days ago ended the 3 month long Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. I finished 27th out of 48 participants with 405 pts, far from my target of 710 pt. Oh the shame...

If we look back at my original plan :
  • 1x unit of 24 Canaan spearmen (48x5) : 120pts
  • 1x unit of 24 Canaan spearmen (48x5) : 120pts
  • 1x unit of 20 Canaan archers (20x5) : 100pts
  • 6 Maryannu (Canaan) chariots (35x6) : 210 pts  (well 3 out of 6)
  • 12 Bedouins skirmishers (12x5) : 60 pts
  • 16 FIW Indians (16x5) : 80 pts
  • and of course the entry fee, a samurai figure. I will use an old but great Clan War figure (1x20) : 20 pts 
 So I couldn't finish one unit of spearmen, one unit of archers and 3 chariots. Although I was quite disappointed I missed the deadline for my last unit (spearmen) by a day! Still, I was hoping to do  better. Work, 2 colds and a busy schedule did not help, and I definitely started too slow; I did most of my work actually in the last month and a half. Next year I intend to be more ready, organize a better schedule and have all my figures cleaned and ready. Still, it was a fun experience, the goal to paint figures was achieved and I had no realistic shot at winning this thing! Plus I got to see lots of pretty painting. So while immense, the shame will not bring me to do seppukku ;-)

Anyways, this whole thing did come with prizes and stuff. Obviously I did not win any of the first three prizes but there were a few more prize for entries :
Challengers' Choice: This award will be determined by those who took part in The Challenge.
Judge's Choice: This will be Curt's favorite submission of all entries submitted during the Challenge .
People's Choice: This is for the blog's visitor/commentors to vote for their favorite Challenge submission.
Sarah's Choice: This award is sponsored by Sarah who will award a prize for her favorite non-military figure or vignette.
I still have a shot at some prizes! Well, probably not because they were some amazing entries, but hope springs eternal!

So if you feel so inclined you can go to Curt's blog and vote for your favourite (pick me, oh pick me ;-) ). I must admit I still haven't made mine, so many great entries! 

I'll post pics of my last submission tomorrow, and I should be able to take pics of my latest Canaanite unit in a couple of days.


  1. You may not have achieved your goal points wise but your figures were excellently painted which counts for more in my book


  2. Thanks Ian! I must admit I'm way too much of a perfectionist to cut corners in order to get faster results!

  3. You did beautiful work Iannick and 405 points is no slouch!