Thursday, January 17, 2013

Canaanite spearmen (Analogue contest first submission)

Finally my first entry into the Analogue painting challenge; a unit of 24 Canaanite spearmen (circa 1450 BC). 

Canaanite infantry (hupshu) was made-up of both militia and regular units. Most of the infantry were semi-trained militia or conscripted peasantry, who were lightly armed with spears or bows. Canaanite tradition dating from tribal days dictated that the infantrymen supplied their own equipment, but it is unclear whether this still applied into biblical times. It seems a distinction was made between militia armed with spears or bows. Canaanite infantry was mainly used as support to the main shock troops, the chariots. Obviously, the unit below represents militia spearmen.

The colour scheme is conjectural, of course, and purists will probably say that my blue and red are too bright. But with all that skin I wanted some vivid colours to create contrasts. I used a very limited palette however of red, pale blue and raw linen to give them a unifying theme, a colour scheme I will repeat with most of my infantry units. I'll explain more on that reasoning in the part II of my Canaan post. I quite enjoyed painting them, and they confirmed the high quality of the range.

While some rules treat them as open order, others do not. So I went with what I thought looked better, in this case close order (spearmen always look better in close order). You will notice my lack of desert terrain, it's next on my list of things to buy! 

The figures are Foundry, they are based on 50mm Litko bases.

This unit gets me on the Contest board with 120 pts.

 Currently on the painting table : Bedouin skirmishers and Canaanite chariots...


  1. Very nice Iannick. Great terraining as well. Looking forward to seeing those chariots.

  2. Geez, your reds and blues are way too bright... ;-)

    Very nice! Pretty much ditto what John said.

  3. These are lovely! What a great idea. ~fan of Canaan