Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Milice Canadienne

Some pictures of my first batch of Canadian militia for my FIW project. Since it's a skirmish project, I decided to go with painting 8 figures at a time. My usual for rank & file being 16 to 24 figures. I'll post details of this project in a later post.

For this project I decided to forgo my usual style of bright colours and pristine clothing and use muted colours, with a limited palette of mostly browns, beige, dull reds and blue. I've seen some really colourful FIW figures and it does not fit with my vision of the era at all. I made a point of not using any standard colours that might look like uniforms, but I did give all my militia red tuques to give them at least a sense of similarity; from my readings, the regional distinctions of red for Quebec, blue for Montreal and white for Trois Rivières were not introduced until late in 1759. Also, since I intend to give blue tuques to my Compagnies Franches de la Marine, red for militia seems like a good choice to clearly differentiate the two on the gaming table.

 To increase the dirty campaign look I used Army painter strongtone.  I painted the figures as usual with my 2-3 layer method and then just added the AP on top for added highlights. The AP also serves as a very good gloss varnish. The marvellous Dullcote was then used to remove the AP shine off the figures. For an experimental first try, I'm really happy with how they came out. I quite enjoyed working on a few figures instead of 20+ figures, and I think it shows.

The figures are from Conquest. These guys represent some of my ancestors, who did their best to defend their land against almost impossible odds.

'The unsung heroes of North America were the French Canadians, who were out numbered to the order of twenty to one by the English colonies and yet contrived to maintain the balance for so long through their mobility and skills with woodcraft and weapons'.
Chris Duffy Military Experience in the Age of Reason

A word on Conquest Miniatures; they are bloody marvelous! I am a huge fan of the Perrys, but these are just as nice, maybe even better. I'm really impressed by their looks and how well they paint for such detailed figures. The Indians might be even better. Very, very impressed by this range.


  1. Hi Iannick,

    Great start to your blog! Do you have a ruleset in mind for these figures (or did I miss it in your previous post!)

  2. Thanks Rosbif! For now either Musket & Tomahawks or This very ground. I intend to try both.

  3. Nice blog, and the figures look great as well as do the terrain pieces you have recently obtained.

    I have to admit that I also may spilt my eras off into separate blogs. It does seem quite jumbled with WWII, Napoleonics as well as Dark Ages stuff on all one blog.


  4. Iannick,

    Ces photos sont superbes. Tu les as prises en extérieur? Il semble que la haie du jardin fasse une très belle forêt d'Amérique du Nord. On joue en extérieur en mai prochain?
    Beau début vivement la suite.

  5. Oui, les photos ont été prises dans ma cour. Une partie de FIW à l'extérieur pourrait être très cool. Bonne idée! Il nous reste juste à attendre l'arrivée du printemps...ahem

  6. Fabulous work, Iannick! Those Conquest castings are very nice. I've used the AP Strongtone on a few projects and have liked the effect it can achieve (and you're right, you can't beat the protection it gives to the figures). The only criticism I have of the AP process is due to myself than the product, as I often have a hard time waiting for the figures to dry - I just want to keep on working on them!

  7. I don't realy have that problem Curt as I do the AP as the very last step. Then I just wait a few days, Dullcote them and then do the base. I know most people do some highlights after the AP but I do mine before and I like the results I'm getting that way.

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